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Goal and Objectives



Integration of scientific-applied, educational-scientific,  scientific and production activities of world research centers, universities, leading corporations to enhance the competitiveness of human capital, science, innovation and production at the national and international level

  • informational and expert-analytical support of the activities of the country’s leadership
  • conducting basic scientific research
  • implementation of scientific-applied programs and projects
  • organization of educational-scientific activities in cooperation with the world’s leading universities
  • integration of science, business, and production
  • introduction of innovations and commercialization of technologies, attraction of investments and realization of venture projects
  • carrying out research and development in the field of economy, energy, and transport
  • conducting scientific-applied research in the field of sustainable development, geography, natural resources and ecology
  • implementation of scientific-applied projects in the field of information technology and security
  • conducting scientific-applied research in the field of foreign policy, international relations, and security