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Leonid Skakovskiy. American-Tajik cooperation in 2016: retrospective and prospects

In 2016, the American-Tajik dialogue was quite intensive in almost all sectors; therefore, we will dwell upon only the most important aspects of bilateral cooperation. On January, 25 the new US Ambassador Elisabeth Millard, who replaced Susan Elliott, arrived to Dushanbe. [1] On March, 11 2016 E. Millard presented letters of credence to the President Emomali Rahmon. [2]

It is also worth noting, that on August, 3 2016 the delegation of Tajikistan took part in the foreign ministers meeting in the format of “C5 + 1” in Washington, D.C., and in November of the same year Daler Safarov, the representative of Tajikistan, was monitoring the US presidential election for the first time. [3]

On October, 21 the 6th annual consultation took place in Dushanbe, there W. Todd, the First Deputy assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia affairs, and Ambassador E. Millard represented the USA.  The parties discussed the issues of strategic bilateral relations, affirmed the importance of closer cooperation to address violent extremism and drug trafficking, and discussed the ability to sustain economic development. W. Todd assured that the USA will continue to provide assistance to Tajikistan on its path of democratic reforms and economic development. [4]


Trade and economic cooperation

In 2016 the parties actively promoted cooperation on several issues of economic development:

  • In October the 1st meeting of the US Trade Council and Tajikistan was held in Washington. The parties highly appreciated the establishment of the Council and expressed their willingness to promote the expansion of the organization’s [5];
  • On January, 29 the US Government announced the beginning of a new Program for Food Security within USAID, on-going in the western part of Khatlon region. [6];
  • On May, 6 the land reform and dekhkan households restructuring project, financed by USAID held a conference to discuss implementation of the Law On dekhkan households in Tajikistan. [7];
  • On August, 26 the realization of a three-year project, in the framework of USAID project on the land reform and dekhkan households restructuring, aimed at strengthening land tenure rights, was completed [8] etc.


Security cooperation

During 2016 a number of high-ranking American military officials visited Dushanbe. In particular, on April 18 the commander of Special Forces of the CENTCOM (SOCCENT) Major General Darsie D. Rogers paid a visit to Dushanbe. [9] On June, 15 President E. Rahmon welcomed the head of the US CENTCOM Joseph L. Votel to discuss the issue of military cooperation. [10] During 2016 the USA rendered invaluable assistance to the armed forces and security sector of Tajikistan, inter alia:

  • On January, 23 the US Embassy and the MIA of the Republic of Tajikistan conducted trainings on providing security measures. [11];
  • On February, 1 the US Embassy held a seminar on combating violent extremism for the Ministry of Defence, MIA, the Committee on Religious Affairs and streamlining Customs and Traditions, and Youth, Sports and Tourism affairs Committee under the government of the Republic of Tajikistan. [12];
  • On February, 9 the US Embassy held a ceremony of delivery of a newly built sanitary-hygienic complex to the peace-keeping battalion of mobile troops under the MoD of the Republic of Tajikistan. [13];
  • On February, 9 the US Ambassador E. Millard donated a new building in Dushanbe of $2 million, built with financial support of the Drug Control program of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), to the Criminal investigation department of the Drug Control Agency (DCA) under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. [14];
  • In February, the US Embassy held a two-week training course for communication officers of the General Directorate of Frontier Forces (SCNS RT) on the establishment of a radio network, financed by the Drug Control program of the US [15];
  • On April, 1 20 staff members of the Committee on Emergency situations and Civil Defence under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan completed the training courses “The action of group of primary response in case of use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances”, financed at the expense of the Anti-terrorism assistance program (ATA). [16];
  • On April, 22 the 2-month courses for 20 communication officers from Special Purpose Police Unit (OMON) and the Narcotics Control Agency, organized by the US Central Command, were finished. [17];
  • On August, 18 the US Government donated the communication equipment of $ 9 million and J8 Jeep Wrangler cars of $3 millions to the Frontier Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan [18] etc.


Summary. The USA demonstrates a specific attitude towards Tajikistan, which plays an important role in providing regional security, including the perspective of the Afghan. It is not fortuitous that the USA provides a great practical support to Tajikistan, and actively competes with Russia and China in this important area. Probably, this trend will be maintained even after January, 20 2017.

In this regard it should be reminded, that on November, 10 the President E. Rahmon congratulated D. Trump with a victory in the presidential election (November, 8 2016), and emphasised that Tajikistan is ready to continue collaboration and a constructive dialogue with the USA at all levels. [19]



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