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Visit of the International Scienсe Complex “Astana” delegation to the Lomonosov Moscow State University

On March 13, 2017 an official visit of the management of the International Science Complex “Astana” to the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) was held.

On the same day, a meeting of the ISCA delegation with the Rector of MSU, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.A. Sadovnichy took place.

The Russian side was also represented by Yu.A.Mazei, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Professor; P. V. Vrzheshch, Vice-Rector, Head of Department for Academic Policy and Degree Programs Management; Ilyin I. V., Professor, Acting Dean of Faculty of Global Processes; Nekipelov A. D., Director of Moscow School of Economics, Academician; Shutov A. Yu.,  Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science; Dobrolyubov S. A. Dean of the Faculty of Geography, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor.

The International Science Complex “Astana” was represented by: M.Z. Muldakhmetov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ISCA, and N.A. Sarsenbai and E.Zh. Imantayev, Deputy Chairmen of the Board of Directors of the ISCA.

During the meeting, a thorough exchange of views took place on further joint work to implement the Cooperation agreement between the Lomonosov Moscow State University and ISCA, as well as the Agreement on the establishment of joint Center for Fundamental and Applied Research (CFAR), signed on December 12, 2016.

The parties reached preliminary agreements on the development of the Roadmap for the activities of the CFAR, as well as on joint implementation of a number of scientific and applied projects, among them are: 1) Creation of the Atlas of the Caspian Sea; 2) studying the impact of space launches from the “Baikonur” cosmodrome on the ecosystem of Kazakhstan; 3) The digital economy of Russia and Kazakhstan, etc.

On the basis of CFAR the parties also agreed to implement scientific and applied projects, academic programs of the Moscow State University on the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of humanities and natural sciences.

In general, the International Science Complex “Astana” and the Lomonosov Moscow State University have agreed to continue long-term strategic cooperation in the field of science and education for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan and Russia.

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