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Expert-Analytical Activities
  • informational and expert-analytical support of the country’s leadership on topical issues of strategic development and forecasting
  • preparation of qualitative and objective analytics on the problems of the world economic and financial system, modern international relations, global and regional security
  • active promotion of the foreign policy strategy, international initiatives and mediation activities of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • promoting the formation of a positive image of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the near and far abroad
  • upholding the long-term national interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the international arena


Applied Science Activities
  • Implementation of applied science programs and projects in the field of economics, information technologies, environmental protection, natural resources, etc.
  • Science, innovation and technology
  • Science and commercialization
  • Science and investments
  • Science and production


Educational-Scientific Activities
  • integration of ISC “Astana” into the global educational-scientific space on the basis of interaction with the best world universities and “think tanks”
  • transformation of ISC “Astana” into the leading international university of a new generation in Central Asia, the center of attraction for promising young scientists and researchers
  • systemic implementation of the highest standards of research and educational programs of the world’s educational-scientific organizations
  • attraction of the best foreign and domestic teachers and scientists, professors, and mentors to the implementation of educational-scientific programs of ISC “Astana”
  • training personnel at the ISC “Astana” according to the programs of the Moscow State University, Fudan, and other universities
  • organization of scientific internships in leading foreign universities and “think tanks”


  • advisory support to the Government and business on economic and sectoral policy, cluster development issues
  • expert and consultative support of the Government on the spatial and territorial development of Kazakhstan and regional authorities to enhance the competitiveness of the region
  • rendering of consulting services on the sustainable development of Kazakhstan at the transboundary, national and regional levels
  • provision of consulting services on integration strategies and projects in the Eurasian space
  • rendering of consulting services for conducting regional and transboundary environmental monitoring using geoinformation technologies and methods of Earth remote sensing