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Institute of Information Technology and Security

Goal – development and introduction of the newest information and computing technologies with a view of modernization of the Kazakhstan society, economy and state management


  • digital technologies and the formation of a new “digital” worldview
  • implementation of fundamental research and applied developments in the field of informatics, management and modeling
  • development and participation of IITS in the implementation and development of projects in the field of artificial intelligence, Block chain, and Big data
  • project management and development of IT solutions in economic, financial and industrial spheres
  • studying the development and implementation of artificial intelligence, estimation of its social and economic consequences
  • development of models, methods and information technologies for the construction of intelligent expert systems for forecasting and managing complex objects
  • model theory and specifications of information systems
  • increasing the level of IT literacy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, developing knowledge and solving applied problems in artificial intelligence, Block chain, and Big data
  • research of information security problems


  • Laboratory of Information Security Systems
  • Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Technologies
  • Laboratory of Robotics and Automation Systems
  • Laboratory of Nonlinear Methods of Analysis and Synthesis of Information Systems