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Center for China and Central Asia Studies of the Fudan University and ISC “Astana”

Goal – scientific and applied research in the field of science and humanities, scientific support for the interconnection of the Chinese initiative “One Belt, One Road”, the EAEU and the State Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Nurly Zhol”


  • scientific, expert-analytical and consulting support of the Silk Road Economic belt (SREB)
  • studying the relevant problems of SREB, EAEU and “Nurly Zhol”
  • studying the economic aspects of the implementation of SREB (trade, investment, energy, transport, logistics, etc.)
  • studying the relevant problems of security on SREB territory
  • studying the foreign policy strategy of modern China in the context of the 19th CPC National Congress decisions and modern geopolitical realities
  • studying China’s special role as a new flagship of globalization and free trade
  • studying the history of China and Kazakhstan, as well as their relationship from antiquity to the present time
  • studying the centuries-old interaction and interpenetration of cultures, civilizations, and religions in the space of the Great Silk Road