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Astana School of Economics

Goal relevant research and development aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the economy and sustainable long-term, inclusive growth.


  • research on modernization of the economy and economic policy
  • studying social and human development
  • analysis of the spatial and territorial development processes
  • study on innovations and technologies of a new generation
  • studying the development of the financial system
  • analysis of world economic processes and regional integration
  • studying the international experience and economic policy practices
  • studying the global trends and their impact on Kazakhstan
  • studying the integration projects and their impact on the competitiveness of Kazakhstan
  • studying urbanization as a phenomenon and its impact on competitiveness
  • studying the problems of the regional policies and territorial development
  • studying the technological changes and their impact on the competitiveness of business, countries, and regions
  • development of practical recommendations on the integration of Kazakhstan’s economy into the global and regional value-added chains
  • studying the entrepreneurship and its relationship with the competitiveness of the economy and territories


  • Center for Analysis of Economic Policy
  • Center for Geo-Economic Research
  • Competitiveness Center